Los científicos y Dios

Los científicos y Dios - Antonio Fernández Rañada - Trotta
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Although the founders of the Scientific Revolution were a group of sincerely believing thinkers, in the 18th century a process of distancing between religion and science began, interpreted by some as an inevitable confrontation in which it would be overcome by its immense power. Fruit of an exaltation of scientific reductionism is the deep fracture suffered by contemporary culture between those who seek to reduce the role of reason and those who aspire to accurately re-live the purity of the first enlightened ideals. However, against a widespread stereotype, many scientists continued to feel the seduction of the enigma of God, reflecting on it to the point of developing very personal belief systems, moved by the wonder that the laws of nature produced in them. This book analyzes the positions that maintained before the idea of ​​God and the transcendence a number of great scientists l...read more


Book: Los científicos y Dios

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