Los generos del discurso

Los generos del discurso - Tzvetan Todorov - Waldhuter
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Tapa Blanda

Literature has disappeared, even in its recent avatars: poetic language or function. Instead, they return the genres, which nevertheless thought themselves well buried (although this resurrection is also a transformation). It happens that genres, which depend on the essential properties of discourse, transcend even the historical and cultural separation between what it says to be literature and what is not. Therefore, without remorse, we slip from consecrated texts-those of Stendhal and Constant, of Baudelaire and Rimbaud, of Dostoevsky and Novalis, of Poe, James and Conrad-to riddles, spells, jokes and puns. Just as we follow with the same impulse the meticulous explanation of the texts and the formulation of the theoretical problems (to which words here refer as alterity and interiority, representation and presentation, symbolism and figuration, genesis and structure). After history...read more



Book: Los generos del discurso

ISBN: 9789872754013