Manual de psicoterapias

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Manual de psicoterapias - Alberto Rodríguez Morejón - Herder
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A complete manual of psychotherapies that includes from the classic psychoanalysis to the most modern modalities such as acceptance therapy or mindfulness.

This new manual of psychotherapies exposes more than thirty-five influential models of psychotherapy, from the most classic to the most modern. All of them are explained from the same common scheme -history, vision of the person, pathology and treatment- to facilitate their study and learning, with a clear and simple language.

Knowing the different models of psychological treatments is a fundamental aspect for those who are being trained in the field of psychology, psychiatry and even medicine. This is the first manual in Spanish that gathers an exhaustive and current vision of the most relevant approaches in psychological treatments, in the style of American manuals, to provide students or people interested in more


Book: Manual de psicoterapias

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