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Manuel M. Ponce - Ricardo Miranda - Akal
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The music of the Mexican composer Manuel María Ponce (1882 - 1948) constitutes one of the most recognized and significant voices in 20th century American music. Author of a wide catalog of genres and styles, his music ranges from his famous arrangements of Mexican songs to some of the most important chamber and symphonic works in the repertoire of the last century. Widely known for his guitar pages -which were encouraged by Andrés Segovia-, for his song Estrellita -which Jascha Heifetz turned into an encore de rigueur for violinists around the world- and for a brilliant piano production, his work hides, however, more treasures and scores to be discovered.

This book aims to update the biography of its author by thoroughly reviewing his personal correspondence - mostly unpublished -, reviewing Ponce's important work as editor and critic in a global way - after compiling the more more


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Book: Manuel M. Ponce

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