Memorias biográficas de pintores extraordinarios

Memorias biográficas de pintores extraordinarios - William Beckford - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Gothic fantasy practitioner in Biographical Memoirs of extraordinary painters the author draws a number of lives that hide perhaps a parodic intention. These are artists who devoted their existence to a remarkable pictorial creation with the common counterpart of having a life of misfortune, as if the price to pay for his genius was that of a tortuous and unfulfilled life. The contours of the lives and works merge and intermingle in these biographical accounts which expose the tension inherent in artistic creation that enjoys admiration often be repaired on the existence of genius that originates. By way of Vicente Molina Foix, Memoirs "were considered shortly after its publication as a roman à tiroirs or profane satire of English pictorial establishment figures." These fantastic biographies are the seeds of the genre that would grow Walter Pater, Marcel Schwob and Jorge Luis Borges, more


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Book: Memorias biográficas de pintores extraordinarios

ISBN: 9788496867215