Mi hermana y yo

Mi hermana y yo - Friedrich Nietzsche - Editorial fontamara
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This work, considered an autobiography, is a document in which the author questions his entire life. It was written, as a reaction against his closest relatives who prevented the publication of Ecce Homo, because its content scared his mother and sister Elisabeth, a horror that would dissipate, eight years after the death of its author, when Elisabeth relented. the work in exchange for large sums for its publishing rights.

My sister and I waited several years to see the light, because it could not be published while some of the main people quoted there lived. But when it was published (1951), it unleashed hatred, scandal and fierce controversy, even denying the authenticity of its pages, but there were those who admired it, considering it the most authentic and brilliant thing written by him. With this work Nietzsche was once again the subject of controversy as it was during hi...read more


Book: Mi hermana y yo

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