Modos lógicos del amor de transferencia

Modos lógicos del amor de transferencia - Diana S. Rabinovich - Manantial
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This book brings together three lectures in Buenos Aires in the late 1990s-five lectures in Caracas in early 1991. The axis that the guide is to establish a link between transference love and desire as desire of the Other, by a hand, shapes and modal logics nodal forms of love that Lacan formulated in the last period of his teaching, on the other. It also involves the relationship of these forms of love, manners and nodal, with formulas sexuation. Latest formalization of Lacan facing the direction of the treatment a new relief. Certain historical crystallizations of courtly love-love, Christian love, platonic love, love structuring masochistic show that exceed the contingency of its historical appearance. They are knots or logical ways that tell the analyst where he stands in the cure, his handling of the transfer and the logic that governs the formulation of interpretation

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Book: Modos lógicos del amor de transferencia

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