Norma mundi

La lucha por el derecho internacional

Norma mundi - Cristina García Pascual - Trotta
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Imagine a world ruled by law, equal for all laws, is today, as in the past, utopian thinking. We know that the international standard lacks the coercive force that would be needed to extend the principle of legality beyond our borders and international relations, now as in the past, present fairly the correlation strength of the different countries of the community international. Maybe it can not be otherwise. Some scholars argue that belongs to the identity of the various nations to defend their interests or the desire for survival.

However, the difficult international relations, the perennial conflict or the huge inequalities between populations living in different areas of the planet force, again and again, to think that utopia, in a mundi rule governing international society and serve to overcome violence in relations between countries. We are obliged to ask the right more


Book: Norma mundi

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