Nueva lectura de las bienaventuranzas

Traducción y comentario de Mateo 5,1-12

Nueva lectura de las bienaventuranzas - Alberto Maggi - Herder
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A brave and current interpretation of the beatitudes of Matthew 5,1-12 that is committed to a language accessible to all kinds of readers.

Now, an incorrect interpretation of the text has distorted his evangelical message: the beatitudes proclaimed by Matthew 5,1-12 are not a litany to comfort the troubled people of the world, as has been believed until then, but an invitation to believers. to eliminate the causes of their suffering. Alberto Maggi proposes this new reading, the result of a tenacious and well-founded work.

This work is the result of a rigorous investigation that has used all the resources of modern criticism. Each word of the gospel text has been examined, analyzed with all the resources of semantics, confronted with its use in the Old Testament, and resituated in other nearby contexts, which can be read in the same Gospel of Matthew or in other writings more



Book: Nueva lectura de las bienaventuranzas

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