Ontología I. El moblaje del mundo

Volumen III. Tratado de Filosofía

Ontología I. El moblaje del mundo - Mario Bunge - Gedisa
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After over twenty years of waiting, the great work of Mario Bunge reaches Spanish-speaking readers. The Treaty of philosophy? In 8 volumes (1974-1989)? It is certainly one of the most ambitious projects of modern philosophy. Your goal is to build a philosophical system which the author considers the core of contemporary philosophy (semantics, ontology, epistemology and ethics), with special attention to the problems posed by scientific and technical knowledge. Their tools are mathematical and scientific knowledge itself. The result is a Herculean work is distinguished by its originality, systematic, thematic breadth and formal rigor, attributes that make it a must for the student of philosophy. This volume is the third philosophical brick building built by Mario Bunge. Here ontology (or metaphysics) is not "a speech (in ancient Greek or modern German) about Being, Nothingness and Dase...read more


Book: Ontología I. El moblaje del mundo

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