Oscuridad total

Oscuridad total - Renata Adler - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Although Dark totality was published in 1983, and although, like its predecessor - the also great Speedboat (Sixth Floor, 2015) -, enjoyed cult status and was avidly read by the most awake readers, it was not He restored the place of privilege he deserves to occupy among American letters until he was rescued by The New York Review of Books. Total darkness is a love story, or, what is the same, of lack of love and rupture, of disorientation and emptiness that follow every end, but away from all clichés to use, and with a conception and a writing that They continue to surprise by its absolute modernity. How to face a chaotic world, a mutable and voracious present when you have a broken heart? Although the protagonist, Kate Ennis, possesses the nonexistent weapons of his sharp intelligence, his sensitivity, his humor and his nonnegotiable autonomy, all are wrecks in a vast night sea. It ...read more


Book: Oscuridad total

ISBN: 9788416358953