Otras mentes

Ensayos críticos (1969-1994)

Otras mentes - Thomas Nagel - Gedisa
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About this book, Daniel Dennett wrote: "His succinct defense of reason as the last and best referee is so good, it is necessary to have on hand as a fire extinguisher (...): The reason is universal because any attempt to question its results can leave to appeal to reason ultimately ". In these acute and controversial analysis, one of the leading thinkers of the time discussing the theories of Nozick, Dworkin, Dennett, Searle and many others, especially in the context of intense work that Nagel has embarked on defining the role of the mind and psychology in ethics. Other minds gather the most relevant critical essays and reviews Nagel on cognitive philosophy, ethics and political philosophy. The work discusses a number of thinkers from Aristotle to Wittgenstein and some of the most significant theoretical field of political philosophy and law, as Robert Nozick and Ronald Dworkin. Other...read more


Book: Otras mentes

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