Oyente de la Palabra

Fundamentos para una filosofía de la religíon

Oyente de la Palabra - Karl  Rahner - Herder
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Hearer of the word is a biblical name of the man in view of the disclosure, based on the thinking of Thomas Aquinas but without ignoring the problems of impulses and philosophies. It regards man as an entity that only historically reaches its completion and to pay attention to history to contact this word that motivates and enlightens existence. Thus the foundation of the life of faith on God's word does not appear historically pronounced as arbitrary and discretionary, but as something that responds to the deepest part of this existence.

This work aims to be a anthropology in fundamental theology, a key element in the rational enlightenment of faith. This debate is more urgent than ever because the fundamental relationship between man and the story passes increasingly into the background due to the predominance of an ideal of knowledge of scientific or technical nature. Thus, ...read more




Book: Oyente de la Palabra

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