Padre e hijo

Cincuenta divertidas trastadas y aventuras dibujadas po R. O. Plauen

Padre e hijo - E.O. Plauen - Olañeta
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The great German artist and caricaturist E.O. Plauen created one of the most famous and successful works of European comic: the endearing stories of Father and son, drawn with extraordinary art and sensitivity.

The cartoonist and illustrator Erich German Ohser (1903-1944) knew a great popularity in his time mainly thanks to the series of comics entitled Vater und Sohn ( "Father and Son"), which appeared in the German weekly newspaper of the year 30 and 40 of the last century. Nazi anti firm convictions, his caricatures of the leaders of the party to Ohser earned him the hatred of the Nazis, who banned him from working at his trade. finally arrested by the Gestapo, took his own life the day before trial, in April 1944. The stories gathered here, very simply reflect the diversity of -graciosas, tender, hilarious everyday situations experienced by a parent agudas- natured and more



Book: Padre e hijo

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