Palabra de Lorca

Declaraciones y entrevistas completas

Palabra de Lorca - Federico Garía Lorca - Malpaso
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All the interviews and statements that Federico García Lorca granted throughout his life. We can meet Federico García Lorca through his poetry or his theater, an impressive literary work that has been thoroughly studied since the poet was assassinated in 1936. It remained to make a compilation of the numerous interviews he gave throughout his life. life, a whole that had never met in its entirety. Palabra de Lorca, under the care of Rafael Inglada with the collaboration of Víctor Fernández, brings together for the first time all the poet's known interviews, including those that were published after his death, as they were published in magazines and newspapers, without the cuts that some of them had suffered. The volume is complemented by a collection of photographs, most of them unpublished or difficult to access for the poet's readers.




Book: Palabra de Lorca

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