Paternalismo libertario

Paternalismo libertario - Cass R. Sunstein - Herder
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Sometimes we do not consider the long term, sometimes our optimism is unrealistic, sometimes we do not see what we have before, and we make decisions that go against our own interests. With this evidence in mind, Sunstein offers a powerful, provocative and compelling argument for a new form of government paternalism, which protects people from their own mistakes but does not restrict their freedom and recognizes the risks of overreaching.

However, the idea of ​​paternalism often provokes rejection, especially if it comes from the government. Many people think that humans should be able to act their way, even if it hurts them. In this view, Sunstein proposes a moderate protectionism, that resorts to "push" and whose only purpose is to protect people, especially on issues such as obesity, smoking, reckless driving, public health, healthy eating and other issues Of general more


Book: Paternalismo libertario

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