Perspectivas del absoluto

Una aproximación místico-fenomenológica a las religiones

Perspectivas del absoluto - Javier Melloni - Herder
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Perspectives of the Absolute, located in the field of the phenomenology of religions and the mystical-religious experience, explores the transconfessional territory with the intention of favoring dialogue about the sacred.

Human beings perceive the different manifestations of the sacred through the environment that shapes us, and interpret them from the religion or worldview that we profess. In effect, the sacred is present in all traditions as the ultimate and first horizon, which is shown through the physical, mental and spiritual forms that shape us in a continuous process of assumption and at the same time of transcendence.
Fruit of the maturation of its author, Javier Melloni presents the different religions as radios that emanate from the Center to the periphery and from the periphery to the Center, from a dynamism of departure and return, of ecstasy and éntasis more



Book: Perspectivas del absoluto

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