Piedra de corazón

Un poema póstumo de Paul Celan

Piedra de corazón - Jean Bollack - Arena libros
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Arena libros
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"Le Périgord" the poem which is discussed in detail Stone heart, written on the occasion of a visit by Paul Celan in August 1964 Baneuil Castle, in Périgord. This is the testimony of an encounter, difficult and fruitful, between those who had "come from away" as the poem, distant and unhappy Bucovina, Romanian old, Ukraine today, and an old country of southern civilization says, of hills, vineyards, castles and fields of snuff. An old country marked, in the eyes of the poet, for the stay of Hölderlin in 1802. In "Le Périgord" is not difficult to hear a voluntary echo "Andenken" Hölderlin, composed in honor of this region; although it is, indeed, a critical echo, as it inevitably Celan associated with German culture Heimat, which has also inevitably turn to Heidegger.

Jean Bollack exposed to the attention of the friend ( "Le Périgord" is dedicated to his wife and him) and philol...read more

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Book: Piedra de corazón

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