Poemas sufies

Poemas sufies - Muhyiddîn Ibn Al-Arabî - Olañeta
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The great Andalusian mystic Muhyiddin ibn al-'Arabî composed in 1215 the book of poems entitled The Interpreter of Desires, the peak work of Sufi literature. Love for the divine Beloved does not contradict the love of the young and beautiful Nizam, which symbolizes divine wisdom and embodies the essential Love that moves the whole universe. Muhyiddîn ibn al-'Arabî, or ibn 'Arabî (Murcia, 1165 - Damascus, 1240), is one of the most extraordinary figures of Islamic mysticism, Sufism, in whose media he is known by the nickname of Ash-Shaykh al- akbar, that is, the greatest teacher. The poems gathered here and their comments form part of his book The Interpreter of Desires, which he composed during his second pilgrimage to Mecca in 1215. The main theme of this poetic work is Love, the passionate search of the divine Beloved, identifies in a deep symbolic elaboration with the love of a real...read more


Book: Poemas sufies

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