Poesía completa (1869-1888)

Poesía completa (1869-1888) - Friedrich Nietzsche - Trotta
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The enormous influence that Friedrich Nietzsche exerts in contemporary thought - due both to his critical-radical approach to the issues he addresses and to the originality with which he develops them - has sometimes been able to conceal a dimension especially pursued by the thinker: the strictly literary . It is in his poetry where this tension of and by the word manifests itself with all its vigor. With the accuracy of the philologist himself and the imagination of the architect of ideas, Nietzsche alternates in his poems irony, passion, critical depth, sobriety and disproportion. Thought, word and style are revealed, thus, indispensable in his poetry; poetry that constitutes, in good measure, reflection of a vital itinerary and versified synthesis of his ideas. For the rest, the present bilingual edition, made from the reference edition of G. Colli and M. Montinari, gathers and ord...read more


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Book: Poesía completa (1869-1888)

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