Por qué no podemos dormir?

Nuestra mente durante el sueño y el insomnio

Por qué no podemos dormir? - Darian Leader - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Tapa Blanda

"There is only one sure way to escape insomnia: not to be born, "Darian Leader reminds us, quoting Gay Luce and Julius Segal. And given what we read in this entertaining essay by the English psychoanalyst - and the evident lack of sleep that so many suffer in our own flesh, confirming the theses of these pages - it seems that an action in principle as "natural" and "simple" as sleeping never was, and it reveals itself as little less than a utopia in the hyperestressed societies of capitalism With the arrival of the industrial age –which brought electric light, the change of schedules and sleep habits– and, later, the technological revolution –and the appearance of computers and smartphones, with this continuous demand for Being perpetually connected– our relationship with sleep has become more and more problematic, projecting a growing and paralyzing deep anxiety. The obsession with r...read more

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Book: Por qué no podemos dormir?

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