Por una canción, cien canciones

Por una canción, cien canciones - Liao Yiwu - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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In the eighties, Liao Yiwu was a young poet whose only vital horizon was made up of literature and the dissipation Bohemian use. But the bloody suppression of the student revolts that took place the Chinese government, whose paradigmatic image is Tiananmen, would mark him deeply and led him to write poems as "Slaughter" and "Requiem" (the latter also prepared a film version, with the help of friends and collaborators). From that moment everything would change for him to unimaginable extremes. Considered a counterrevolutionary, an enemy of China, Yiwu spend years in prison in prison, lost in a Kafkaesque and concentration camps, awaiting a sentence that never had just arrived journey, and trying not to die in the meantime. And that is the agonizing struggle Yiwu tells us in this unforgettable book: a struggle against physical and mental collapse, a struggle against despair, hunger and ...read more


Book: Por una canción, cien canciones

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