Práctica de la dinámica de grupos 

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Práctica de la dinámica de grupos  - Klaus  Antons - Herder
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The practice here proposed refers to structured collective situations, in which through the group leader are problems and conflicts simulated. The handling of these situations model encourages participants to observe themselves, primarily from its reciprocal patterns of activity, through which they get to know themselves and others in new forms of behavior, which can occur not assimilation only cognitive, but also significant changes and the mode of action of the subject. Most of the exercises are from the experimental test methods in social psychology and psychodrama, sociometry, psychotherapy, game theory, organizational science and other specialized disciplines. The simulation game character common to them all gives them a specific value of fun, which encourages creativity and introduces tension and dynamism in the groups. The book itself is a systematic compendium provides an more


Book: Práctica de la dinámica de grupos 

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