Profesor de belleza

Profesor de belleza - Robert Montesquieu - Pre-Textos
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When in 1897, Robert de Montesquiou wanted to include in his collection of critical essays, Roseaux pensants (thinking Juncos), an alleged "pro domo" in a "requisitorio" with the title "Nosmet", chose to put as epigraph a phrase from Stendhal whose "today" seductive deserves that we quote: "Could do work but I did not like me and that was not taken as beautiful but in 2000".  Montesquiou relations with Proust, from 1893 until the poet's death in 1921, met various avatars. His voluminous correspondence, which will find here a selection "exemplary" and the items consecrated by Proust to Montesquiou, among which are reprinted in this volume reveal how well this exchange or mixture of "love and hate" characteristic of true friendship, and also the influence of the poet, esthete and man of the world, about the writer, eager to enrich their imagination.


Book: Profesor de belleza

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