Psicoterapia existencial

Psicoterapia existencial - Irvin D. Yalom - Herder
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Existential therapy is practiced in different forms and contexts throughout the world. But work was needed to give him a coherent structure, a work to analyze their assumptions and to evaluate its usefulness. Dr. Irvin D. Yalom's existential psychotherapy provides a solid foundation, a synthesis and a framework of inestimable value._x000D_
The book identifies four concerns that, Yalom, are essential in life: death, freedom, isolation and lack of vital meaning. Define the meaning of each, and the conflicts arising from our confrontation with them. Existential Psychotherapy provides an intellectual basis to psychotherapists who have experienced the incompatibility of certain orthodox theories and their own clinical experience and opens horizons of empirical research.


Book: Psicoterapia existencial

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