¿Qué es la esquizofrenia?

Una enfermedad y las posibilidades de su tratamiento

¿Qué es la esquizofrenia? - Harald Posininsky - Herder
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Diagnosis of schizophrenia and raise many doubts and questions, not only to the person concerned, but his entire family and social environment: - What is schizophrenia? - What is this? - How long does it last? - How can it be treated? - Who to contact when someone has a crisis? - Can lead a fulfilling life affected when the disease is controlled? This book is written in a clear style so that all interested parties to know the most important aspects of schizophrenia, to understand their symptoms, suffering, problems, needs of those affected and existing offers treatment and rehabilitation. Besides being a valuable introduction to the study of schizophrenia, is a quick reference book aimed at families, educators, friends and co-workers in times of confusion before the manifestation of the disease. The authors provide a detailed and comprehensive guidance on the possibilities of aid to t...read more



Book: ¿Qué es la esquizofrenia?

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