Sentido, referencia y filosofía

Sentido, referencia y filosofía - Jerold J. Katz - Itaca
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The work presented here is the result of research Jerrold J. Katz held to throughout his life. The proposal is novel because it breaks with tradition logicist over a hundred years, with a strong influence on current analytic philosophy, and opens up a range of possibilities to the semantic study and solving old problems.The book is of direct interest not only to philosophers interested in semantics, epistemology and metaphysics, but also for those who work in theoretical linguistics, also provides an effective apparatus for theoretical linguistics and cognitive science.Jerrold J. Katz (1932-2002) was a philosopher and linguist. Doctor of Philosophy from Princeton University in 1960, was a research associate at MIT from 1961, where he taught since 1963. In 1975 he was appointed Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Linguistics at the City University of New York where he served more


Book: Sentido, referencia y filosofía

ISBN: 9786070241642