La sensibilidad en el daoísmo y Heidegger

Serenidad - Claudia Lira - Ediciones Metales pesados
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Ediciones Metales pesados
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This book is a delicate reflection on serenity as an aesthetic experience that, as a specific corporal disposition that implies a purification of the senses, founds and bases a mode of perception that would be present both in Daoism and in the conception of the thinking of the second. Heidegger. From the etymological analysis of this term, Claudia Lira investigates the images and concepts of the Chinese tradition and Heideggerian thought, with the purpose of exposing the complex interaction between activity and passivity in serenity, by conceiving it as a state and / or process, from which a receptive gnoseology of thinking will be constituted. Thus, going beyond the field of application of the principle of reason, whose activity Western philosophy has defined from its agent character, that is, from its faculty of determinability, this experience as a different form of knowledge more

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Book: Serenidad

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