Signos de la nueva vida

Homilías sobre los sacramentos de la Iglesia

Signos de la nueva vida - Joseph Ratzinger - Herder
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Two homilies of Pope Benedict XVI that will help the reader understand more deeply the nature of the Church and celebrate his faith.

Joseph Ratzinger's master sermons always offer the opportunity to proclaim and deepen the faith. This edition has selected two homilies of Pope Benedict XVI's preaching work for each of the seven sacraments, and are complemented by two more on the theme of the "Church." In his texts, Ratzinger offers himself both as an announcer and servant of the Church, and each of them is a beautiful and masterful teaching about prayer, life in the Church, life with people and meditation on Scripture and theology.

The sacraments of the Church still put many people in contact with the saving action of God in the fundamental points of life. Thus, its celebration always offers the opportunity to enter the faith. The homilies collected here by Ratzinger more

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Book: Signos de la nueva vida

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