Sobre los libros, el lenguaje y la escritura

Sobre los libros, el lenguaje y la escritura - Arthur  Schopenhauer - Olañeta
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Drawing on a strong classical and philosophical culture and using his keen critical sense, Schopenhauer highlights some of the flaws of the intellectual life of his time and points out the attitudes that could remedy them. Some reflections on reading, books, language and the craft of writing that are still relevant in the world today. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860), disciple of Kant and unorthodox figure in the philosophical panorama of the nineteenth century, was not during his life much appreciated by the academic world, but instead exerted a very remarkable influence in a great number of writers, musicians and artists from all over Europe who attest to the fecundity of their ideas. Schopenhauer, in his irrationalist and pessimistic philosophy, was one of the first European intellectuals to adopt ideas from Eastern philosophies; was, in this as in other more


Book: Sobre los libros, el lenguaje y la escritura

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