Sobrevivir, existir, vivir

La terapia en cada fase de la psicosis grave

Sobrevivir, existir, vivir - Pamela Fuller - Herder
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A book that debunks many of the myths that still persist about psychosis and opens a new perspective that combines theoretical depth with a practical therapeutic approach, structured in three phases: to survive, to exist and live.

Survive, exist, live opens a new perspective for psychotherapy of severe psychosis and provides a heuristic model for understanding along a continuum of severity from extreme incapacitating experience acute psychosis to a fuller life experience. Pamela Fuller insists that, to facilitate the recovery of psychosis, consider the situation of each person based on three phases: 1) Survival: concern for survival; 2) Exist: restrict concern the life experiences to address them; and 3) Living: concern for quality of life and relationships. Fuller provides a detailed guide to tailor treatment to these three stages and help people with psychosis to move from more


Book: Sobrevivir, existir, vivir

ISBN: 9788425434303
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