Spinoza poema del pensamiento

Spinoza poema del pensamiento - Henri Meschonnic - Cactus
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It is not intended "to" the time but to escape from it and to air. Spinoza poem of thought brings us back to the most reckless of thoughts, one who thinks "against" order, one that is directed to the invention of thought and joy that makes them live. It is an inventive recklessness that requires face the language, make poem.

What Meschonnic teaches in his reading of Spinoza is the strategic value of what he calls emotional markers, operators whose power is the plotting of the continuum, the invention of relations between emotions and concepts, the realization of the rhythmic unit-not of " union "- body and soul.

Meschonnic entire work can be read as a warning about what is lost in translation erasing these markings. Thus, the translation is politicized. No longer is the Latin as a cultured language, or to determine the languages ​​of Spinoza (and the Spanish, Portuguese,...read more


Book: Spinoza poema del pensamiento

ISBN: 9789873687150