Te cuento un cuento

El arte de las metáforas y los cuentos en psicoterapia

Te cuento un cuento - Marcelo R. Ceberio - Herder México
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Herder México
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I tell you a story invites professionals to use the resource of metaphors and stories in the context of psychotherapy. In an analytical way, he defines and describes different elements of the rhetoric that help the therapist to create interventions according to his personal style. Pragmatically, we review the magic of the use of metaphors, as well as the steps to effectively use stories, fables, legends, myths and even real stories of patients, in order to ensure the contributory effects for change.

The present work includes innumerable examples and clinical vignettes of metaphors and verbal analogies as well as of metaphorical tasks and many other types of narratives that act as a way of entry at a cognitive, emotional and inerational level. At the same time, these resources provide the professional with solid theoretical foundations that will help him epistemologically suppor...read more



Book: Te cuento un cuento

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Te cuento un cuento

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