Teoría de la cordura

Teoría de la cordura y de los hábitos del corazón

Teoría de la cordura - Higinio Marín Pedreño - Pre-Textos
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Sanity is certain chord at trial, made from essential memories and practical arrangements for existence, and which can be defined as the variable capacity actually having subjects and different versions of the world and themselves in which living men. Such versions, -constituidas for diverse cultural traditions and, within it, by the multiple conceptions of what actually have the morphology of the network capabilities and habits of reality, an expression of Tocqueville deserve to be called because they form the plot and density of human intimacy. Paternity and filiation, destiny, freedom and vocation, grief, memory and death, modesty, erotic and sexual relations, hospitality and care, celebrations and dances, guilt, resentment and forgiveness, admiration and finally, hope, are some of the habits of the heart that are studied to the extent that let us live-and simultaneously Configure-...read more


Book: Teoría de la cordura

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