Ver no es creer

Sobre el rol de los conceptos en la experiencia visual

Ver no es creer - Francisco Pereira - Gedisa
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Is it consciously to see a way of believing how such and such is the case? Are our visual experiences propositional attitudes that require the implementation of concepts? What are the concepts or what kind of psychological skills are required to possess one according to the various philosophical theories? Can non-human animals visually represent the world in an analogous way to how we do? These are some of the questions that guide this work, which aims to introduce and deliver to the reader the critical tools necessary to evaluate the contemporary philosophical debate between conceptualistic and non-conceptualistic about perception. In this work the author presents us with philosophical arguments and empirically founded interpretations that suggest not only that our visual experiences are states or events belonging to an unidentifiable mental class with belief, but also that the way more


Book: Ver no es creer

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