Y todo comienzo tiene su hechizo

Biografía de Hermann Hesse

Y todo comienzo tiene su hechizo - Alois Prinz - Herder
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Perhaps part of the mystery of Hesse's works which every reader will feel personally challenged them and feel encouraged to take seriously their own thoughts and experiences. This is perhaps the reason lcualidad that Hermann Hesse also remains today a widely read author. He himself once said about the reception and the effect of literature: "The books of poets need no explanation or defense, they are extremely patient and can wait. And if they are of some value, almost always have a longer life than Acheloos that challenge. "This biography offers simple precision with all data needed to understand the lifetime of Hesse and largely his work. His childhood in a family of publishers and Protestant missionaries, his seminary years Maulbronn and the precarious living as a bookseller's apprentice: all data frame the enormous courage of Hesse insistitr in their desire to be a poet and novelist.



Book: Y todo comienzo tiene su hechizo

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