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Zen 3 - Alberto Silva - Herder
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In this third volume of the Zen series, Alberto Silva focuses on the reflection on the body dimension of Japanese Zen, a question that is largely foreign to the Western tradition.

Zazen or Zen sitting meditation occurs in the heat of practice: it is an experience that happens in the body and with the body. For this reason, it is necessary to question the way in which Zen assumes the intrinsic social character of the human body. In this way, we can elucidate how the body is produced in a precise social framework (which limits the representation of all individual existence) and how it is expressed through collective resources, molded into routines of each era, given that it constitutes a historical phenomenon . And, in turn, this analysis of corporeality will allow us to see the evolution of zazen in the instrument capable of awakening, clarifying and liberating the body by relyi...read more

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Book: Zen 3

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