Al alba los pájaros

Al alba los pájaros - Hugo Mujica - El hilo de Ariadna
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El hilo de Ariadna
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Writing - Mujica once said - is "listening to what life tells me about what it learns from itself beating in me." And that, something of that mystery that is to live, is what this poetic anthology offers us, gives us to listen. Honestly, where it is no longer about his life but about the unique one, that of each one and that of all.

Mystery of living towards which these poems beckon. Mystery of a transcendence, even of a mysticism, where the totally other is reality itself, freed from utilitarianism to which we submit it; of life when it recovers and offers its nascent dimension, its sprouting, its sacredness. Therefore, nothing more real, nothing more incarnate, than this poetry that does not try to supplant or explain what it names, but to show it, open it, make it feel. Neither further nor further here: in what each thing has of irreducible, in the only thing of itself, in more




Book: Al alba los pájaros

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