Al amor de Vallejo

Al amor de Vallejo - Juan Larrea - Pre-textos
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The interest in the life and work of César Vallejo has been growing prodigiously since the day of his disappearance, forty years ago.
If not strictly universal, it can safely be said that this interest has already reached broad international terms. The writings and academic acts dedicated to the poet in America and in Europe are increasingly frequent.
The seminary works in Universities and Institutes, as well as the theses to which he is giving motive in all the steps of the scale, call the attention for the moved and numerous.
Consequently, the bibliographic material that has been occupied from the beginning is becoming an essential item in today's insatiable world where so many literary activities are multiplied. Hence, it seemed appropriate to respond to the above-mentioned interest by collecting in the present volume the various essays made known by whom this is more



Book: Al amor de Vallejo

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