Algunas lecciones sobre el destino del sabio

Algunas lecciones sobre el destino del sabio - Johann Gottlieb Fichte - Akal
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The work of J. G. Fichte (1762-1814) is decisive in understanding the evolution of Kantianism, the emergence of the great systems of Idealism and its romantic fragmentation. Some lessons on the destiny of the wise man (1794), his controversial academic baptism at the University of Jena, constitute a crucible in which the fundamental themes around which all his philosophical reflection will revolve since then are forged. . In these popular and edifying speeches, which deal with the always poignant topic of the political commitment of the sage, we discover, in addition to a dynamic anthropology with an eye on the pure Self, the guidelines of an ethics of science, a philosophy of history, a philosophy of society with a double moral and legal aspect, a philosophy of culture and even a hermeneutic one. This edition is the most complete and rigorous of the existing ones up to now, and more


Book: Algunas lecciones sobre el destino del sabio

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