Amigos de Dios y Profetas

Una interpretación teológica feminista

Amigos de Dios y Profetas - Elizabeth A.  Johnson - Herder
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In this new book, Elizabeth A. Johnson addresses the theological reinterpretation of a traditional symbol of Christian doctrine, the communion of saints, considered from a feminist perspective. Its starting point is the realization that while doctrine is crucial and has played a major role in the liturgy, devotional practices and in Christian art, the communion of saints is a "symbol asleep," which has received little theological attention. For Johnson is "potentially the most inclusive symbol, because it puts not only in relation to diverse cultural groups at any time, and women with men, the most marginalized and socially powerful, forming with them a community of equal grace but to live with the dead and those yet unborn is also a circle around the Eucharistic table, the body of Christ that covers the earth itself. "_x000D_
The first part of the book lies the question of the more


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Book: Amigos de Dios y Profetas

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