Ana im Kreis

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Ana im Kreis - Edith von Sundahl-Hiller - Herder
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Ana im Kreis is a novel in German for beginners and the first installment of a trilogy about Ana's life. This novel tells the story of Ana, a young woman from Barcelona who travels to Berlin to learn German and work in a bar in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg In Berlin he discovers not only a new language, but also other ways of loving and a different perspective on coexistence. And he falls in love with the city ... He starts writing a blog about his Berlin with descriptions of very unusual places that the reader will hardly find in a usual guide to the city. This little novel manages to have - with a simple vocabulary and basic grammatical constructions - the hopes, fears and longings shared by a generation of young Spaniards who have had to leave their country in search of a better future. ** Includes vocabulary and appendix with exercises in Spanish.

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Book: Ana im Kreis

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