Animal vulnerable

Curso de antropología filosófica

Animal vulnerable - Juan Masia Clavel - Trotta
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Starting from the radical vulnerability of existence, questioning and dialogue with attitude, this book invites and opens the way to a philosophy of the human. From the circumstances the subject and from the body to the spirit, they crisscross the roads of biology and culture with questions about the meaning of life.
The vulnerable animal, discoverer of realities and explorer of responsibilities, assume the tasks of philosophical anthropology: to think and review the methods, discern anthropologies, criticize and create culture, rediscover the body, interpret the language, realize freedom, recognize the person , meet love and death, to build coexistence, assume ambiguity, thank narrate the meaning and hope. In this anthropology rooted, and from it grows, an ethic of life care and moral discernment, coexistence and liberation.
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Book: Animal vulnerable

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