Arte y multitudo

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Arte y multitudo - Antonio Negri - Trotta
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Multitudo art and not a test of aesthetics. Its syntax, the polyphony of their names, prevent vigorously. Abstract, postmodernism, the sublime, collective work, beautiful, construction, event, body and, finally, biopolitics are touchstones of the story of the real subsumption of labor under capital, Abstraction complete in the world. Artistic practices have not escaped this process. They could not do if, Negri, art is seen as a continuous exceedance be built by the work released by the abstract and collective linguistic essence of that exceedance of being.
The ethical resistance in postmodernity has uncovered asymmetries in the general indifference of exchange value, poetic irreducibility of social productive cooperation. The multitudo, ferocious beast that ungraspable of all political philosophies of transcendence rules the state, is the conceptual character who more


Book: Arte y multitudo

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