Artículos revolucionarios

Artículos revolucionarios - Errico Malatesta - La voz de la anarquía
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La voz de la anarquía

"We anarchists would that in every locality workers, or more properly the part of workers has increased awareness and initiative, take possession of all the tools, all the wealth, land, raw materials, houses, machinery, food products, etc., and comenzase in the best possible way to trace the outlines of the new form of social life. We would like the land workers who currently work for employers not to recognize any right more owners and continue and intensify work on their own, entering into direct relations with the workers in the industries and transportesra the exchange of products, that the workers of industries, including engineers and technicians, take possession of factories and continue and intensify the self-employment and transforming the community then all factories now produce useless or harmful things in producing the things that urgently needed to meet the needs of the more

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Book: Artículos revolucionarios

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