Bajo el techo que se desmorona

Bajo el techo que se desmorona - Goran Petrović - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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In a small Serbian village during a Sunday afternoon in 1980, about thirty colorful characters meet in the Uranija cinema to see a movie. The cinema is located in what was once the Grand Hotel Jugoslavija, and its roof is covered by a wallpaper showing a starry sky. After the Second World War and the advent of communism, the hotel is only nationalized and planned Soviet and Yugoslav films. However, since the break between Tito and Stalin, in film you can see Western movies, and that particular evening will be marked by a dramatic announcement marked the end of an era: the death of Marshal Tito. Against this background, Goran Petrović has created a wonderful Serbian microcosm, portraying characters who show an ironic way by other longings and contradictions experienced by Serbian society during the tumultuous twentieth century. We find, for example, an official of the Communist Party more


Book: Bajo el techo que se desmorona

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