Breve historia de todas las cosas

Breve historia de todas las cosas - Ken Wilber - Kairós
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Brief history of all things is a fascinating panoramic version, popular and accessible, of the most recent thought of Ken Wilber. The book examines, very especially, the place occupied by men and women in a universe of sex, soul and spirit. In a broader way, it is about following the course of Evolution, as the unfolding of the Spirit, from Matter to Life and Mind, where the Spirit already becomes aware of itself. In each of the phases of evolution there are recurrent patterns that, contemplated with attention, teach us a lot about the situation of the world, and about the direction we must take if we want to achieve "global transformation". Brief history of all things contains really dazzling views on many essential themes of the current moment, such as the war between sexes, liberation movements, multiculturalism, ecology, environmental ethics, clash of civilizations, conflict more




Book: Breve historia de todas las cosas

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