Celan, lector de Freud

Celan, lector de Freud - Arnau Pons - Herder México
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Paul Celan (1920-1970) read Sigmund Freud therapies to resist trying his delirium, and his poetry is sometimes used like Rembrandt and Van Gogh self portrait art as a form of self-analysis. His intransigence was based on an excess of lucidity, and what led her to express with great freedom was nothing but the truth of the shadows.
Everything changes radically when we propose to distinguish between sense that an author deposited in the letter of a text and significance later, and according to their experiences and readings, take the same text to the reader. Subjectivity are two at the time of read. This test helps us to understand what is at stake in the art of deciphering a dark and critique poetry. Not only is the author of defending against unfair appropriation, but understand that all reading is a responsibility.
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Book: Celan, lector de Freud

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