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Comunicación e información  - Gilbert Simondon - Cactus
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This book brings together courses and lectures taught by Gilbert Simondon in the 60 and 70. runs the same problem: communication at different levels of being. This puts this work in proximity to what was his central thesis on individuation.
It is part of a general operating scheme that works everywhere, the "touch Simondon" pantheism rarely explicit, scheme there is "both a religious faith as an electronic tube" outline three elements, unlike theory information working with two. We always have a power input (you call it power or motivation), an input (or perception), and an output action (or effectuation). Communication occurs by "relay" operating amplification, which makes an incidence of weak energy can trigger an event proportions. This principle is both evolution as that of the invention, a kind of "dialectic of life."
The notion of amplifier relay is fundamental. And more


Book: Comunicación e información

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