Cuerpo consciente

Hacia un yoga integral

Cuerpo consciente - Denis Criado - Kairós
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Beyond the fads and certain very sporty approaches to yoga, the healing and spiritual knowledge of the ancient Indian yogis remains invaluable in the search for ways of personal growth and improvement of the holistic health of the 21st century society.

In Conscious Body, Denis Criado draws a solid bridge between the wisdom of the body and the latest scientific research on the practice of yoga to generate a comprehensive vision of human development. Understood in this way, yoga is no longer a gymnastics that seeks perfection in postures, but is an approach that wants - through postures - to transform life from the depths.

Criado reveals the importance of a yogic practice carried out from the conscious gaze, whose nature is meditative and compassionate; a fundamental practice for reducing stress, increasing vitality and rebalancing the nervous system. In short, Criado more


Book: Cuerpo consciente

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